Know Before You Go

What to do before your class:

Book your spot 

We use MINDBODY software to schedule our classes, so you’ll need to create a MINDBODY account to reserve your space. Although not required, we highly encourage you to pre-register for our classes.

What to Wear

We encourage you to wear comfortable workout attire. For Pilates (equipment and mat), Yoga, and Barre, you can be barefoot or wear grippy socks. For Zumba, TRX, and HIIT, please wear sneakers.


Please try to arrive 5-10 minutes before class starts. We encourage this so that you have time to check-in at the front desk, put your belongings away, and run to the restroom if needed. We want you to feel at ease while in this space and would hate for you to feel rushed as you prepare for your workout.

Health Concerns

If you have any health concerns or are pregnant, please let your instructor know before class starts so that she can help you throughout your workout and offer options that may work best for you. If she doesn’t know, she can’t help!

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your class reservation up to 4 hours before class. Late cancellations or no-shows will incur a $15 charge to accounts with an unlimited monthly passes or the reduction of one class from a class package.

You can cancel your private or semi-private sessions up to 12 hours before the session. Late cancellations or no-shows will incur the reduction of one session from a package.

Expirations and Refunds 

All class packages have a 6 month expiration date. No extensions, transfers, or refunds.

Private sessions have a 12 month expiration date from purchase. No extensions, transfers, or refunds.

Unlimited monthly passes are valid for 30 days from purchase. No extensions, transfers, or refunds. It is not a contract and there is no reoccurring payment. You can opt in any month and any time and opt out the following month if needed! No extensions or refunds are given for unlimited monthly passes. If you know you will be traveling or not able to attend as much as usual, we suggest that you consider purchasing a more flexible class package for your busy times!